Advances in surgery and treatment for colon cancer are on the agenda in Congress

The Brazilian Society of Oncological Surgery (SBCO) has the III Brazilian Congress of Digestive Cancer (ONCOGI 2022), an occasion that has the help of 13 different teams associated to the treatment of this kind of neoplasm. It might be on August 12 and 13, in Rio de Janeiro, in individual. At the occasion, greater than 130 nationwide and worldwide audio system might be gathered, representing organizations from throughout the nation, in addition to from the United States, Holland, Italy and Portugal.

The occasion will focus on new developments in cancer surgery, radiotherapy and medical treatment (chemotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and medication) for cancer of the abdomen, abdomen, liver, pancreas, peritoneum and different organs of the abdomen. Take a have a look at the dialogue of medical issues, from completely different views. “Our objective is to advertise the evolution of information and new concepts for all professionals concerned in the care of sufferers with abdomen cancer,” mentioned oncological surgeon and SBCO President, Héber Salvador.

Gastrointestinal (GI) cancer is a kind of cancer that begins in the intestines. It can have an effect on the esophagus, abdomen, small gut, giant gut and rectum, however 70% of circumstances happen in the abdomen or intestines. Colorectal cancer, with 41,000 new circumstances per 12 months, based on the National Cancer Institute (INCA), is the second commonest cancer in males and girls, behind – respectively – prostate and breast cancer. Stomach cancer is the fourth commonest cancer amongst males (13,360) and the sixth commonest amongst girls (7,870). Among males, the variety of esophageal cancer is greater (8,690).

Prostate 65,840 mom 66,280
colorectal kind 20,540 colorectal kind 20,470
The lungs 17,760 the entrance to the womb 16,710
Stomach 13,360 The lungs 12,440
Mouth to mouth 11,200 Thyroid gland 11,950
Throat 8,690 Stomach 7,870
Bladder 7,590 Ovary 6,650
non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 6,580 the physique of the uterus 6,540
Larynx 6,470 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 5,450
Leukemia 5,920 Central Nervous System 5,230

New in help

In addition to sharing the complexity of integration in the Unified Health System (SUS) of cytoreduction surgery (CRC) with hyperthermochemotherapy (HIPEC) – often known as peritonectomy – and minimally invasive surgery (MIS), oncology surgeon Bruno José de Queiroz Sarmento will. speak about how a lot these strategies add to the affected person, to public well being and to the Institution that now has these applied sciences.

“They are strategies of treating sure neoplasms that have an effect on the peritoneum. These neoplasms will be major – mesotheliomas – or secondary, comparable to peritoneal carcinomatosis and pseudomyxoma”, explains Sarmento, who regrets that CCR and HIPEC are not but included in the ANS ROL, and even in SUS accepted medication rules. “Currently, we would not have any treatment for these two illnesses. This is a quantity that must be taken under consideration, as a result of it’s a protected and efficient technique,” says Sarmento.

The President of SBCO, Héber Salvador, will launch the SBCO Seal of Excellence in the treatment of Digestive Cancer in Brazil. The concept is to create metrics that can guarantee the greatest practices of registered organizations. “This will not be a short lived job. In the first part, we created a knowledge administration system to begin this course of, the purpose of which is to ascertain the parameters of medical know-how for sufferers with abdomen cancer in the future”, he says.

Also based on Héber Salvador, though the treatment of abdomen cancer has been continually altering, you will need to summarize the subsequent ten years, and focus on points associated to particular person treatment and immunotherapy, in addition to what impacts the resolution of surgery. . “We will carry worldwide experiences, comparable to the case of Andreas Brandl, from Portugal, to higher consider the execs and cons of diagnostic and treatment strategies, not solely to enhance affected person care, but additionally their high quality of life,” he mentioned. he provides.

From the standpoint of well being care, emphasizes Héber Salvador, progress may be very useful. “We are in a position to higher perceive the kind of treatment that brings the best profit to every affected person and that the mixture of those strategies, comparable to immunotherapy, standard medical treatment and intra-arterial remedy and surgery, brings hope for the growth of the outcomes of the treatment of those neoplasms,” he mentioned.

Another well-liked matter at ONCOGI 2022 is laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive process. “Compared to standard surgery, video surgery offers much less time to remain in the hospital, much less unwanted side effects and struggling, in addition to the high quality of lifetime of the affected person. This must be mentioned, to attain an financial settlement based mostly on this technique of SUS and private well being,” says Sarmento.

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