Benfica in the Supercup final after defeating FC Porto in extra time

Benfica immediately secured the final place of the males’s handball Super Cup by beating FC Porto, with 37-36, in the first sport of the final 4 semi-finals, after an train and pondering in the second extra time.

With this victory in the opening of the competitors that marks the official begin of the 2022/23 season, Benfica will meet the winner of the final semi-final, which places Belenenses and Sporting head to head.

In the match performed in Serpa, Benfica did nicely in the first half, scoring 4 objectives, whereas the German Ole Rahmel appeared, with seven correct photographs throughout that time.

FC Porto, the four-time nationwide champion and holder of the Supercup, managed the sport in the final third of the first half and got here to the break with one purpose behind (17-16), and accomplished the comeback in the second half.

Taking benefit of the Reds’ errors, FC Porto had probability, however Benfica didn’t quit and located new life when striker Sergey Ferrer scored from the purpose to the purpose, whereas the Dragons performed with solely six gamers.

In the final 30 seconds and with FC Porto one purpose forward, FC Porto’s Rui Silva was allowed to play recklessly, which earned him a crimson card and a seven-meter free-kick for the Reds.

German Ole Rahmel took a free-kick and the sport went to extra time, a time when the steadiness and fixed trade of factors between the two groups was essential.

In the second extra interval, the cash was saved and in the final moments Benfica broke the tie with a purpose from Serbian Petar Djordjic.

Games at the Carlos Pinhão Sports Pavilion, in Serpa, in the province of Beja.

Benfica – FC Porto, 37-36.

During the break: 17-16.

Led by Daniel Martins and Roberto Martins, the groups mixed to attain:

– Benfica (37): Sergey Ferrer (1), Demis Grigoras (2), Ádám Juhász (2), Paulo Moreno (4), Alexis Borges (1), Jonas Kallman (3) and Ole Rahmel (12).

Also: Bélone Moreira (2), Carlos Martins (1), Ander Izquierdo (1), Fred Bingo, Leandro Semedo, Petar Djordjic (8) and Vladimir Vranjes.

Coach: Chema Rodriguez.

– FC Porto (36): Sebastian Frandsen, Daymaro Salina (5), Jakob Mikkelsen (2), António Areia (3), Nikolaj Christensen (5) and Rui Silva (3).

Also taking part in: Pedro Valdês, Pedro Cruz (3), Nikola Mitrevski, Ignacio Jiménez, Jack Thurin (2), Leonel Fernandes (2), Diogo Branquinho (3), Miguel Alves (4) and Fábio Magalhães (4).

Coach: Magnus Andersson.

Marker’s March: 2-3 (05 minutes), 6-5 (10), 9-5 (15), 13-9 (20), 13-12 (25), 17-16 (Half), 19- 18 ( 35), 20-22 (40), 21-23 (45), 24-26 (50), 26-27 (55), 29-29 (60), 31-31 (65), 33-33 (70 ), 35-35 (75) and 37-36 (80).

Attendance: About 850 spectators.


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