BOLA – FC Porto beat Benfica in a 15-goal show (Roller Hockey)

More goals in the final three games, at Dragão Arena, to bring FC Porto ahead of Benfica, a 9-6 victory. The new success, this time at Estádio da Luz, at 25, transforms FC Porto players into world champions.

In a very dangerous game in the first half, FC Porto took advantage of Benfica’s false start to a quick win on the board. He scored the first goal in Pedro Henriques’ goal, scored by Carlo Di Benedetto (2 m). When Benfica returned to the defensive line, Xavi Barroso extended the lead (8 m). It was the most exciting moment of the opening season, with three goals in the eighth minute, as Pablo Álvarez lost his strength and deflected as soon as he hit the road, but Ezequiel Mena won the next round. Gonçalo Pinto left Benfica free at half-time (16 m) after scoring the second goal for the visitors (3-2).

The second half started with a new goal from Porto in the first minute (26 minutes), with Ezequiel Mena, but Benfica, who is always dangerous with Pablo Álvarez on the rink, despite recovering from an injury, managed to compare Argentina with Gonçalo. Pinto (29 and 30 m), which earned the first red lead (4-5). But the boardwashing did not happen because Reinaldo García, Xavi Barroso and Telmo Pinto scored four goals in nine minutes (35, 39, 41 and 43 m) and the team’s 10th error. Carlos Nicolía broke free kicks (46 m), before Carlo Di Benedetto finished the count, after receiving a blue card for Pablo Álvarez (48 m).

Remember the movie:

50 ‘: Game over with Dragon! FC Porto front final 2-1.

47 ‘:. Goal for FC Porto, 9-6! Following Benfica’s tenth strike, Carlo Di Benedetto made, from a direct free-kick, the ninth for the Dragons.

47 ‘: Blue card of Pablo Álvarez (Benfica).

45 ‘: After the move, after the Telmo Pinto hit, Carlos Nicolía had to receive treatment in the lumbar region.

45 ‘: Benfica goal, 8-6! In the direct free kick, Carlos Nicolía cuts to the eagle. Xavi Malián also saved Argentina’s first shot but, again, Benfica’s No. 7 goal was scored.

43 ‘: FC Porto scored, 8-5! Reinaldo Garcia took the opportunity to ‘give’ and, from a distance, also hit Pedro Henriques, an unsightly eagle keeper in the picture.

41 ‘: FC Porto scored, 7-5! Telmo Pinto fled the back of the net and, in the end, hit Pedro Henriques.

39 ‘: FC Porto scored, 6-5! From the middle of the road, Xavi Barroso scored the best goal of the night and put the Dragons ahead for the second time. What a ‘shot’ for the Spaniard!

34 ‘: FC Porto scored, 5-5! The next minute, Reinaldo Garcia built the game! Not for the weak!

33 ‘: Benfica goal, 4-5! For the first time, Benfica are at the forefront of the league, with Gonçalo Pinto’s departure in the region after a concussion with Pol Manrubia. Portuguese ‘Hat-trick’!

29 ‘:. Benfica goal, 4-4! Pablo Álvarez took advantage of the situation and, at the entrance to the venue, built the game in Dragon.

29 ‘:. Benfica goal, 4-3! In response to the penalty, Gonçalo Pinto scored twice and fired from the center to surprise the blue and white player.

28 ‘: Gonçalo Alves misses a penalty after a foul on Pol Manrubia at Xavi Barroso in the area.

26 ‘:. Goal for FC Porto, 4-2! 15 seconds after the resumption, the number 7 dragons appeared in the area and deviated from the arrival of Pedro Henriques.

26 ‘: The game has started again!

25 ‘: Breaking in the Dragon! An exciting and spectacular match, FC Porto led 3-2.

15 ‘: Benfica goal, 3-2! Served by Carlos Nicolía, Gonçalo Pinto signs the second eagle in front of Xavi Malián.

8 ‘: FC Porto scored, 3-1! Ezequiel Mena restored a two-goal lead for the Dragons once the ball was cleared in the middle. Three goals in one minute in Dragão!

8 ‘: Benfica goal, 2-1! Shortly after entering, Pablo Álvarez, through excellent personal work, finds a place in the community and reduces distances.

8 ‘: FC Porto scored, 2-0! Xavi Barroso takes advantage of a goal left by Pedro Henriques to finish easily.

5 ‘: FC Porto in the second half, Pedro Henriques dismisses Carlo Di Benedetto and Xavi Barroso.

2 ‘: FC Porto scored, 1-0! Carlo Di Benedetto signs for the first time tonight.

1 ‘: The game begins!

In Benfica, the absence of Lucas Ordoñez of Argentina is evident, who has missed the game due to injury.

FC Porto: Xavi Malián, Ezequiel Mena, Carlo Di Benedetto, Xavi Barroso and Gonçalo Alves

Benfica: Pedro Henriques, Diogo Rafael, Carlos Nicolía, Edu Lamas and Gonçalo Pinto


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