BOLA – Former Brazil international lays down on homosexuality (Brazil)

Richarlyson, 39, a former Brazilian international, has revealed that he had two husbands podcast ‘Nos Armários dos Vestiários’, the first of ten Brazilian titles on homophobia and sin in various fields of football.

“I’m always asked if I am gay. I have been in a relationship with both men and women. Now I’m talking here and soon a story will come out: ‘Richarlyson is bisexual’. I am normal, I have desires and wants. This will be documented, but most importantly it will not change, which is a matter of homophobia. Unfortunately, the world is not prepared to deal with these issues and deal with them naturally “, he stressed.

A young Brazilian man openly stated why he decided to disclose his views on sex. Brazil is the world’s leading cause of death for homosexuals. Homosexuality is not wrong for everyone and in football it should not be a matter of controversy. Only players should have a better position at the event, especially straight. There is no question about wearing a sweater and a rainbow. I mean, once the problem of homophobia arises, quit the job. ”

The former actress said that her skin became very sensitive to fans, but, nevertheless, she did not stop being the way she wanted to and wearing shiny and stylish clothes as a quiet show: “I was always me. I wanted, no matter what she said, to live, The criticism was unjustified. ”

Regarding family support, Richarlyson states emphatically: “I just talked to my mom about it. My father [o ex-avançado Lela] it’s my brother [avançado Alecsandro, que passou pelo Sporting, em 2007, cedido pelo Cruzeiro] you will get from the podcast. He did not question me or look away. Sometimes I joke and say that all I am today is because at home I had a solid education and education, but most of all clearly and naturally to deal with what I wanted, as I saw it, not that my father, mother or brother he can see. ”

In 2007, Palmeiras boss José Cyrillo Júnior publicly declared that Richarlyson was immoral and that the former player handed down a decision, which was overturned, with a surprising decision. The judge in the case, Manoel Maximiniano Junqueira Filho, closed the case, saying it would not be wise to accept homosexuals in Brazilian football as it would damage the team’s mind and, in the verdict, emphasized that football was for men and not for men.

“It saddened me a lot, but I did not allow it to interfere with my life, not a sentence, a word, a conversation, or a closed-minded person, who tries to harass the class. ”, He said.

In Brazil, Richarlysson represented São Luiz, Ituano, Santo André, Fortaleza, São Paulo, Atlético Mineiro, Vitória, Chapecoense, Grêmio Novorizontino, Guarani, Cianorte, Campinense, América do Rio de Janeiro and, last season, in the Northwest. Outside, he spent the season in Austria, at Red Bull Salzburg (2003/2004) and in India, where he represented FC Goa (2017). He arrived for the Brazilian national team in 2008, thanks to Dunga, adding two more caps along with Júlio César, Luisão, Robinho, Dani Alves and Marcelo.


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