BOLA – Sporting defeats Benfica and becomes two-time international (Futsal)

Sporting defeated Benfica, 4-3, in the third play-off final, which took place on Saturday night in Pavilhão João Rocha, Lisbon, and became a national futsal champion.

After winning the first two games, all in extra time, the Lions again defeated the eagle and closed the race.

In the first half, the issue seemed to be over, thanks to the goals of Pauleta, Diego Cavinato and Fernando Cardinal, but the second half gave a different story, with the Reds betting to turn the tide to force 4 games. dreams of Benfica. The Pulpis men were still able to find the strength to re-enter the negotiations for the outcome, and twice from Arthur left the uncertainty in the post until the end.

And at the last minute (!) The shot would have been real, but Arthur, after Robinho’s corner, fired a shot from Guitta’s goal.

It was an eagle song and, since then, João Rocha Pavilion, which was bursting at the seams, erupted in joy to celebrate another lion victory under Nuno Dias, who, thus, became the world’s most prestigious coach: he was the seventh most successful athlete and current Sporting coach, who surpassed Orlando Duarte (6).

Remember the movie:

End of game! Sporting 4 Benfica 3. Sporting is a world-class futsal champion.

40 minutes: Robinho and Arthur’s right-hand corner, in the middle of the pitch, hits the left goal of Guitta.

40 minutes: Robinho’s great shot, from the middle, but the ball bounced off the right-hand post of Guitta.

39 minutes: Professional break interviewed by Nuno Dias, Sporting coach.

39 minutes: Benfica goals! The best move is Robinho down right to the right and, already in the end, perfect support for Arthur to alleviate the problem. 4-3.

37 minutes: Fifth offense by Benfica. There are 3 minutes and 2 seconds left for the game to start.

37 minutes: Professional break asked by Pulpis, Benfica coach.

37 minutes: Alex Merlim shoots from a distance, trying to take advantage of the fact that Benfica have no goalkeeper in the net, but the ball goes slightly to the side of the post.

36 minutes: Jesus also hits the side of Guitta’s goal.

Benfica starts playing in 5×4. Ivan Chishkala takes on the role of future goalkeeper. 5 minutes and 15 seconds left to start the game.

34 minutes: Yellow card for Afonso Jesus.

34th minute: Benfica’s fourth offense.

34 minutes: Benfica goals! Arthur’s fine running left and even Zicky Té’s opposition did not prevent a Brazilian powerful shot from the Eagles to the back of the Guitta goal net. 4-2.

33 minutes: Goals for the game! Zicky Té, at the end of the goal, just caught up. 4-1.

32 minutes: A card from Zicky Té and Rômulo.

31 minutes: Second offense by Sporting.

31 minutes: Third offense by Benfica.

30 minutes: Pauleta, after shifting from right to center, throws hard, with his left foot, causing the ball to move closer to the left post of André Sousa’s goal.

29 minutes: Pauleta card.

29 minutes: The first damage done by Sporting.

28 minutes: Carlos Monteiro’s pass and Arthur’s deviation, with his right foot, bounced back with a left-footed goal from Guitta’s goal.

26 minutes: Second offense by Benfica.

26 minutes: Benfica goals! With André Sousa’s long shot, the ball cleverly bounced off Alex Merlim and into Guitta’s goal. 3-1.

25 minutes: The first offense by Benfica.

24 minutes: Robinho, on the edge of the field, and sees Guitta’s progress, tries to throw the ball, but the Leonine player, above the local line, catches it.

23 minutes: Pany Varela and Pauleta’s sugar pass, very close, is disrupted in the first place, and André Sousa’s success in rejecting the Lions’ fourth goal.

22 minutes: Ivan Chishkala, after removing Zicky Té, fired heavily, but with a photo of Guitta.

Beginning of the second phase!

Sporting has a hand and a half on the head. The Lions rested winning 3-0, the result of the first half of the best performance and had the most intelligent moments.

Pauleta, after 5 minutes, opened the scoring, following the help of Erick Mendonça, and Diego Cavinato, in the 13th minute, and after a throw from Alex Merlim, added a touchdown.

Benfica could have reduced the lead in the 17th minute, but Arthur, in a 10-meter free kick (a six-yard touchdown run by Sporting), fired home to the right of Gonçalo Portugal, who had been called upon to try. to protect a dead ball.

They didn’t mark the eagle ^ they marked the lions. About half the time, and after Pauleta’s excellent performance on the right, Fernando Cardinal, at the entrance to the region, fired the ball and gave the Nuno Dias men a huge chance. And 3-0 also encouraged a big party for the audience at the João Rocha Pavilion, who saw that the headline could close tonight …

Hold on! Sporting 3 Benfica 0.

20 minutes: Professional break interviewed by Nuno Dias, Sporting coach.

18 minutes: Goals for the game! Pauleta’s role on the right and a fine assist from Fernando Cardinal who, at the entrance to the region, just came out to make it 3-0.

17 minutes: Arthur, on a 10-meter free kick, shoots to the right of Gonçalo Portugal (who was called up for a leonine goal to defend this dead ball).

17 minutes: Sixth offense by Sporting. Benfica will benefit from a 10-meter free kick.

16 minutes: Jacaré yellow card.

16 minutes: Fifth offense by Benfica. There are 4 minutes and 17 seconds left for the break.

16 minutes: André Sousa’s hand throw, from one position to another, and Arthur, jumping higher than Guitta, leads the leonine bars.

16 minutes: Alex Merlim, after a good solo performance, fired a shot at André Sousa.

14 minutes: Fifth damage done by Sporting. There are 6 minutes and 17 seconds left for the break.

14 minutes: Fourth offense by Sporting.

Ten minutes later the game resumes at Alvalade.

Frederico Varandas, President of Sporting, is on the honor team at the João Rocha Pavilion to watch the permanent derby.

The acrylic problem behind the Benfica bench caused the game to be disrupted. The spirits are calm, there is no problem registering in the stadiums, and the two players are just waiting on the ground near the reds bench to be cleared for the game to resume.

13 minutes: Goals for the game! The set pieces by Alex Merlim and Diego Cavinato, in front of André Sousa, left 2-0.

12 minutes: Yellow card for Fernando Cardinal.

12 minutes: Yellow card for Bruno Cintra.

12 minutes: Fourth offense by Benfica.

12 minutes: Erick Mendonça’s powerful shot, over André Sousa on the cross.

12 minutes: Yellow card for Robinho.

12 minutes: Third offense by Benfica.

12 minutes: Pany Varela’s long cross and Fernando Cardinal’s first shot, in a round, defensive defense against André Sousa.

11 minutes: Second offense by Benfica.

10 minutes: The third evil done by Sporting.

10 minutes: Jesus also shoots forward, the ball passing to the right-hand corner of Guitta’s goal.

10 minutes: Ku Ku Ku Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus and Arthur, and everything to be the same, twisted, bigger.

9 minutes: The second evil of Sporting.

9 minutes: Following this move, Guitta tries to take advantage of André Sousa’s lead, but the Brazilian international shot just goes beyond the eagle’s goal.

9 minutes: André Sousa passes and Arthur, head, throws a photo of Guitta.

8 minutes: Professional break asked by Pulpis, Benfica coach.

8 minutes: The first offense by Benfica.

7 minutes: Go from Zicky Té to Diego Cavinato, where the Italian midfielder was blocked by André Sousa.

7 minutes: Robinho tries his luck, from a distance, but the ball bounces off Guitta’s target.

7 minutes: Tomás Paçó was shot to enter the box with André Sousa.

5 minutes: Goals for the game! With the help of Erick Mendonça and Pauleta, on the edge of the area, right-wing shooting for the first night in Alvalade. 1-0.

4 minutes: Another dangerous threat from Sporting and by Pany Varela: a forward shot with the number 18 lions hitting to the left of André Sousa’s goal.

4 minutes: Also Jesus, after making a good effort, sees Guitta rejecting the goal.

3 minutes: Pany Varela, center, tests André Sousa’s interest, with the red guard guarding the corner.

2 minutes: Robinho, bottom right, shoots with his left foot, just past Guitta’s goal.

2 minutes: Ivan Chishkala’s shot, Guitta’s solid defense, and Afonso Jesus, in a rebound, shoot at the bar.

2 minutes: The first damage done by Sporting.

1 minute: Alex Merlim’s shot, the ball getting very close to the right of André Sousa’s goal.

Game start!

Benfica (from five): André Sousa, Romulo, Robinho ÇIvan Chishkala and Rocha

Instructor: internal

Sporting (starting at five): Guitta, Tomás Paço, João Matos ÇDiego Cavinato and Alex Merlin

Instructor: Nuno Dias

Singers: Cristiano Santos and Ruben Santos (AF Porto)

The teams already exist!

Bernardo Paçó, Waltinho, Caio Ruiz and Miguel Ângelo are players who were passed over by Sporting coach Nuno Dias.

Robinho is back in the Pulpis election. Instead, the eagles coach cannot rely on the injured Tayebi. Diego Roncaglio and Nílson, both by choice, were not included in the Spanish teacher’s account.

Keep in mind that Sporting won the first two games (5-4 and 4-3), both in extra time.

Sporting and Benfica meet Saturday night (9 p.m.), in Pavilhão João Rocha, Lisbon, in the 3rd round of the national futsal tournament. If successful, lions will simply be world champions. Benfica, too, wants to ban the green and white party, defeat the eternal enemy and keep the title alive. As always, A BOLA online will tell you all about the best futsal derby in the world. Are you ready, dear readers? Starting to play …

Good night!


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