Cholesterol Prevention and Control Day warns against staying silent

This Monday is ldl cholesterol consciousness day. The National Day for Cholesterol Prevention and Control, which is commemorated each August 8, warns of the illness that may trigger demise worldwide, which is coronary heart illness.

According to a examine by the Ministry of Health, coronary heart illness as a consequence of excessive ldl cholesterol takes the lives of 100,000 Brazilians yearly. Despite the issues, medical doctors emphasize that ldl cholesterol is a crucial substance within the physique and is present in all cells, making bile acids that work in digestion and being a part of hormones and different nutritional vitamins.

“Cholesterol is essential for our physique, as a result of it’s a precursor to a number of hormones.” Male hormone, feminine intercourse hormone. It works within the manufacturing of vitamin D, it additionally works within the manufacturing of bile salts and bile. a part of our membrane of a number of cells of our physique”, explains Dr. Tainã Aci, an endocrinologist.

Lack of management that may trigger problems, as defined by physician Marco Lourenço, specialist in Vascular Surgery, Angioradiology and Endovascular Surgery with the Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery (SBACV) and the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB). ).

“It could cause blood circulation, due to this fact, the dearth of circulation to completely different organs or limbs, which may trigger stroke, lack of motion within the legs, issue struggling, lack of limbs”, he provides an instance. One of the most typical uncomfortable side effects is vascular illness that may result in coronary heart illness.

habits of life

Another caveat comes from the truth that excessive ldl cholesterol doesn’t trigger signs. It is understood by measuring the quantity of blood via a take a look at. But there are a lot of methods to guard your self, reminiscent of residing a wholesome life-style and checking household historical past, for instance, as Andrea Pereira, nutritionist and founding father of the NGO Obesidade Brasil, remembers.

“In the previous, we thought that meals was the reason for excessive ldl cholesterol. He alone. Today, we all know that top ldl cholesterol is said to household historical past, genetics, weight problems, diabetes, and age, particularly for individuals over 60 years previous, he says.

The three foremost elements that trigger excessive ldl cholesterol are household historical past, lack of train and poor food regimen. The physician mentioned that meals, though not one of many elements that may trigger this drawback, is essential. “It is vital to keep away from consuming fatty meals. Therefore, if the particular person tends to excessive ldl cholesterol, weight problems, diabetes, you’ll be able to encourage this tendency and it would seem earlier. A food regimen with much less fiber, we even have a sedentary life-style,” he says.

Marcelo Marquezini, supervisor of the Federal District, is 50 years previous and was identified with excessive ldl cholesterol final month, primarily based on assessments. “I’m going to see a health care provider to begin taking drugs, possibly meals.” I feel ldl cholesterol comes from a sedentary life-style. “I do not train,” he says.

Research exhibits that train helps burn dangerous ldl cholesterol, which is LDL. low density lipoprotein), including good HDL (from English excessive density lipoprotein). In phrases of food regimen, lowering fats and carbohydrates and enhancing fiber consumption and antioxidant meals are vital for prevention and management.


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