Creating The Future Hackathon Announces Successful Jobs – News Center

Creating The Future Hackathon Announces Successful Jobs – News Center

With a total of 165 from 29 countries, winners a “Creating a Future Hackathon”, Software developed by Microsoft, imatch, Galp and EIT InnoEnergy. The Solar PV Positioning Optimizer Module projector, a hardware component for predicting data-based reporting of solar eclipses, which allows for the reconfiguration of solar panels, was the winner of the race and received a € prize. 3,000.

2 sites enabled by ElectriciTree, a costly solar panel system with adjustable movement to increase solar exposure, which received a prize of € 1,500, and 3 locations, with a prize of € 500, Waste Energy remained, a platform to facilitate contact between. industrial, so that someone else’s waste can be used as an alternative.

The three successful projects, among the 20 professional answers to the competition that sought to create a low-carbon future, were chosen for their potential, to better understand the problem and create a comprehensive solution, correspondence and one of the challenges presented. and organizations, on team development during the hackathon as well as on behavior and outcomes.

Andrés Ortolá, General Manager of Microsoft Portugalsays: “After five months, we have reached the end of another edition of Building The Future Hackathon and we are very pleased, not only with the services provided, but also with attracting a variety of people. We participated with developers from 29 countries, who provided new solutions. At Microsoft, we believe that technology works to the benefit of the world and the world, so we believe that these practices, which promote technology and integration, are essential to address many of the challenges that exist, such as, ‘low, low carbon’ ”.

Andreia Fernandes, Portugal Country Director at EIT InnoEnergyhe says “It was inspiring for us to support the projects requested in Building The future Hackathon, through our expertise on sustainable energy. this is what we need to go through in order to achieve political neutrality “.

Road to the podium

To respond to a given problem – Electric Car Batteries; Providing Energy Exchange Funds; Find the best places to visit the sun; Other ways to increase solar photovoltaic power; and Hydrogen Fuel Plant Design, programmers and entrepreneurs, having formed teams and gone through the consulting phase with experts from Galp and EIT InnoEnergy, had to choose a challenge, make a first project idea, explain the problem, its importance. ideas, feedback and technology, and then dedicating myself to TAIKAI, a Portuguese hackathon platform.

Six excellent ideas went beyond the development phase where they worked to develop a solution at Azure, with the help of Microsoft consultants. The session ended with a panel discussion, in which the parties presented their defense before a panel of judges, who were members of each of the participating organizations, and individuals, with the highest number of votes, cast the ballot. the last four selected after the session – D30 Biofuel; ElectriciTree; Solar PV Positioning Optimizer Module; and WastePower.

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