Crypto Morning: Risk Aversion dominates the market, but Bitcoin (BTC) remains above $ 20K.

Investors around the world woke up with little interest in risk, worrying about the global economy, which draws strength from futures in US markets and from crypto currencies. Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen 4.6% in the last 24 hours to $ 20,274.67, according to data from CoinGecko. Ethereum is down 6.7% to sell at $ 1,081.39.

In Brazil, Bitcoin operates below 5.2%, quoted at R $ 104,450.37, according to the Bitcoin Portal Index (IPB).

Major altcoins also show losses such as Binance Coin (-3.7%), Cardano (-6.6%), XRP (-2.4%), Solana (-8.9%), Dogecoin (-1.5%),%), Polkadot (-8% ). %) and Avalanche (-8.7%). Shiba You are against wheat and progress 8%.

“Bitcoin has reached the bottom, but probably not” down, “Mark Newton, chief technology officer at Fundstrat Global Advisors, told Bloomberg.

The world’s largest Bitcoin index fund lost half of its assets under management on Friday, which probably grew BTC fall on Saturday, according to CoinDesk. The Bitcoin ETF target saw the release of 24,510 bitcoins on Friday, the largest daily loss since the fund launched the Canadian Stock Exchange in April 2021, according to Arcane Research.

Digital trading platforms earned $ 39 million last week, a CoinShares report shows. Total managed assets dropped to $ 36.3 billion, the lowest since February 2021.

Digital gold?

André Esteves, a colleague at BTG Pactual, said at a bank event on Tuesday (22) that many different types of stocks stopped working due to rising global inflation. For Esteves, Bitcoin cannot be referred to as digital gold. “(…) When Nasdaq set 40%, Bitcoin dropped 40% and then another. Instead, there is nothing like ‘digital gold'”, criticized Esteves.

Some great

Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, is offering a loan. as a way to prevent transmission of the problems that other companies face. Crypto BlockFi’s rental program, for example, has secured a $ 250 million loan around FTX, according to a tweet from CEO Zac Prince on Tuesday. And last week, American exchange Voyager Digital secured a $ 200 million loan, as well as a round of 15,000 bitcoins from Alameda Research, a trading company Bankman-Fried.

“Sam Bankman-Fried is the new John Pierpont Morgan – he bailing out cryptocurrency markets like the original JP Morgan did after the crash in 1907,” Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital, said in an interview with Bloomberg. The chief executive of FTX told NPR radio that their refund felt obligated to support the companies that are a member in times of crisis.

But another exchange announced a ban on cryptocurrency withdrawals. FinBlox from Hong Kong crypto currency borrowing FinBlox has brought in up to $ 500 per day or $ 1,500 per month. The company owns Investor crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, which is facing financial difficulties.

Senior user of Solana website, which was about to be phased out last week, began sending money to reduce risk in the Solend lending protocol, as well as from blockchain. The Sole Whale transferred its $ 25 million loan to the Mango Markets platform, according to a release Tuesday.

Tether plans to launch stablecoin at a fair price of pounds in early July, according to The Block. Called GBPT, stablecoin will be available on the Ethereum blockchain, the company said in a statement.

Binance.USUS arm cryptocurrency exchange Binance, aimed at raising $ 50 million at $ 4.5 billion, CoinDesk said Tuesday.

Purchased by Méliuz in July 2021, cryptocurrency fintech Alter operations will stop working. Alter also said that customers can transfer reais or cryptocurrencies to another account or wallet, or to Méliuz’s account, for free. Deadline expires on August 6th.

Bitcoin Investment company NYDIG and Deloitte will work together to help multinational corporations incorporate digital assets into their operations. With the partnership, NYDIG will be able to offer Bitcoin-related products in banks, consumer loyalty, among others, to consultancy customers, according to CoinDesk.

Twitter board of Directors jointly urged the shareholders to approve the company’s sale of billionaire Elon Musk at a future meeting, according to a document released Tuesday to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Regulation, Cybersecurity and CBDCs

The market expects a vote on a bill regulating crypto-assets in Brazil, which is expected to be approved this weekend. PL’s goal is to enact legislation that could triple the share of revenue in the sector, said a deputy federal Aureo Ribeiro (Solidariedade-RJ), opinion poll, at a press conference sponsored Tuesday (21) by TV ConJur.

Attendees at the event, Vanessa Butalla, head of Legal, Regulatory and Compliance at 2TM, which oversees MB, points out that the project can create “equal space, which favors free competition and leaves no room for controversy” – that is, “providers choose to follow or disobedience to the law “.

With an eye on the rules, Coinbase plans to enter Brazil in the coming months, according to a report by Valor. With 40 employees in the world, the largest US crypto exchange is making progress with plans to even remove 1,100 people from the US market recently. A small Brazilian company wants to have 130 employees, all of whom will work from home permanently.

Binance is on his way to finish his fourth day without luck to bank affiliates in Brazil that allows customers to withdraw or deposit reais at the company. The termination of employment, even provided by Capitual, seemed sudden, but with the accumulation of a problem that has arisen, according to a report from Portal do Bitcoin.

As Capitual is not operated by the Central Bank, it operates the operations of Acesso Bank, a payment processing company. Binance had several ‘parent accounts’ with Captual and Acesso, where thousands of CPFs operate, but which were not registered with the regulatory body. The process was seen as unstable, according to an BC-affiliated official who asked not to be identified.

Fifth edition of the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) handed over the habeas corpus to Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”, in one of four cases he answered. The ministers voted in favor of Glaidson’s defense against Kryptos’ activities, O Globo reported.

Huobi crypto exchange filed a civil lawsuit against Chen Boliang, a former Hong Kong customer service manager, the Financial Times reported. He is accused of making $ 5 million in illegal trade.

According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), structural errors of cryptocurrencies compromise their financial viability. In the report, the BIS states that financial systems can be built around central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), with the help of software and tokenization.

Metaverse, Games and NFTs, a platform that has already made fan signs for nine football teams in Brazil, they now have an eye on e-sports teams in the country. According to the NeoFeed portal, the company is due to announce an agreement soon with the Brazilian esports team.

Introduction to Brazil BAYZ and Sandbox, one of the leading metaverse platforms, announced the deal Tuesday (21) at the NFT.NYC event. Together, BAYZ and The Sandbox will bring Brazilian entertainment to the forefront of the genre, including music, fashion, lifestyle, culture, architecture, sports, celebrities, TV and TV, according to word from companies in Exame.

Metaverse and web3 will be the topics of the seminar sponsored by Folha and Itaú Cultural on July 4th and 5th. The event will be broadcast live on the newspaper page as well as on YouTube. People can participate by sending questions via WhatsApp at (11) 99648-3478.

Singer and songwriter Nando Reis The first public appearance of the crypto-assets market with the launch of this Wednesday (22) digital wallet that will provide access to a list of its own content, such as collecting non-fungible tokens related to the artist’s work, according to Valor.

The International DigitalGroup Tuesday gave the International Basketball Federation and the highest acrylic seal the first non-fungible brand sold in the history of the organization, according to Estadão.

Magic Eden, an immersive machine market on the Solana blockchainraised $ 130 million at a cost of $ 1.6 billion – an increase of about a dozen since March, according to data from Avical Garg, a partner at Electric Capital and Investor in both circles, cited by Bloomberg.

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