Dengue, chikungunya and zika: know the symptoms and when to seek medical help

The ailments transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito – dengue, chikungunya and zika – are thought of severe and could be deadly if not handled correctly. Because they’ve related symptoms, related even to covid-19, arboviruses can confuse sufferers. Therefore, the Municipality of Aracaju, by means of the Department of Municipal Health (SMS), warns and directs individuals to get medical help instantly from the first symptoms.

According to the supervisor of the Municipal Program to Combat Aedes Aegypti, Jeferson Santana, regardless of the similarity of some symptoms, every illness has a attribute that distinguishes it. For instance, in the case of dengue, as well as to excessive fever, the affected person could have headache, physique and eyes. Also, belly ache, diarrhea, vomiting, or nausea could happen.

In the case of chikungunya, in accordance to Jefferson, as well as to the symptoms of excessive fever, which is manifested by joint ache. “This is the place we distinguish chikungunya from dengue. There is nice ache in the knees, palms. When there’s a joint, it hurts quite a bit. The particular person typically bends over, as a result of the hip space hurts quite a bit”, explains the coordinator.

When a affected person is contaminated with the zika virus, not like dengue and chikungunya, they don’t have excessive fever, and the ache in the joints could be very low. “Most of the time, it occurs that the particular person has somewhat irritation, and the most important attribute is pink spots on the pores and skin”, provides Jeferson.

The inhabitants of Aracaju has arbovirus remedy in all well being facilities in the capital. Therefore, in accordance to the coordinator, the most important guideline is that, ranging from the first symptoms, the affected person ought to go to the nearest hospital for remedy. This could even stop instances from changing into extra severe.

“If doable, even on the first day of symptoms, resembling fever and all these different symptoms, it will be significant for the particular person to go to the hospital. It is at the hospital that he’ll obtain a analysis and start to obtain applicable remedy”, warns the operator.

how can they know

To discover out whether or not, the affected person has dengue, chikungunya or zika, as well as to the medical analysis, a medical examination can be carried out.

“The physician, by means of the symptoms, can inform. But there are additionally laboratory assessments. RT / PCR assessments could be carried out between the first and sixth day of the symptoms. From the seventh day, serology is completed. With these particular assessments we will establish whether it is dengue , zika or chikungunya, or nothing, that is why it is so vital”, explains Jeferson.

combative actions

Among the measures to change the central danger of Aedes infestation in Aracaju, City Hall, by means of SMS, has applied the use of pricy smoke and cleansing, in collaboration with the Municipal Urban Services Company (Emsurb) and the Municipal Department of the Environment (Sema), so as to fight mosquitoes that trigger arboviruses, however the participation of individuals on this work is vital.

During the month of August, City Hall will develop the navy occasions, each Saturday of the month. Even so, it will be significant to do not forget that the combat towards mosquitoes is simply doable if there are preventive measures and steady actions by individuals. Every citizen can take steps to scale back the variety of contaminated individuals, thus, decreasing the danger of problems and loss of life.

In this manner, Jefferson Santana leads individuals to see if the water tank is correctly closed; depart well-covered warehouses; put sand in the plates of the crops; yard waste assortment; clear the gutters; masking swimming swimming pools; put a superb cowl on the drain and decrease the rest room lids; clear the outer tray of the fridge; cleansing and conserving pet dishes; clear the cooling water assortment tray; cowl all water reservoirs properly, in order that on this approach it’s doable to stop ailments.


According to the final Aedes aegypti Rapid Index Survey (LIRAa), carried out in July, Aracaju continues to current a mosquito risk. From January to July 16, there have been 584 confirmed instances of dengue, 253 chikungunya, and seven zika. Additionally, one dengue loss of life was recorded final month. Compared to the similar interval in 2021 (January to July), dengue instances this 12 months have elevated by 783%. Chikungunya and Zika decreased by 3.8% and 75% respectively.

Events of August

08/06- Porto Dantas

08/13 – American Quarter

08/20 – José Conrado de Araújo

08/27 – Industrial District


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