Did ‘punishment to smoke’ become the doctor’s way of fighting against smoking

The resolution to smoking may be “punishment of smoking”, putting your self in entrance of a wall whereas lighting a cigarette.

This is one of the only strategies that the heart specialist Jaqueline Scholz revealed to use, in a BBC report, sufferers who come to his workplace wanting to give up the behavior: each time they smoke, stand alone and in a far place, going through a easy wall . till the cigarette is gone.

The physician who developed the process is one of the nation’s main tobacco consultants.

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‘Smoking is punishment’

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP) and director of the Tobacco Treatment Program at the Instituto do Coração (InCor), Scholz developed a technique in 2015, in a dialog with a affected person who requested him to fail. about the promise made by the physician, that with medication they may lose the pleasure of smoking.

“That’s after I received an concept: I received up from my chair, regarded away and answered: ‘I would like to see you having fun with your self and smoking whereas standing, trying solely at the wall'”, he says in the article.

The method of

The methodology of “Smoking in punishment” goals to separate the behavior from the pleasure

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According to the article on the matter, signed by a heart specialist in collaboration with USP and Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) and a consultant of the Preventive Cardiology Department of the Oslo University Hospital, Norway, the “Smoking as punishment” methodology elevated medical therapy and 31%

While normal therapy labored with 34% of individuals who give up smoking, the group that used “punishment” benefited with 65%.

This method greatly increased the success rate among patients

This methodology vastly elevated the success price amongst sufferers

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The physician explains how this methodology works from a recognized half of smoking: the connection between the behavior and the hedonic reminiscence, related to pleasure.

According to Scholz, generally, even amongst sufferers who use narcotics to fight the results of nicotine and its withdrawal, keep in mind nice instances related, corresponding to breaks from work, leisure, espresso. Eating and speaking makes it troublesome to give up smoking.

This method was used in conjunction with the use of the correct medication to overcome the addiction

This methodology was used along with the use of the appropriate medicine to overcome the habit

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It is on this half that the methodology works: when smoking “as a punishment”, the affected person begins to separate cigarettes from nice conditions. According to the physician, the effectiveness of the methodology was examined along with the use of applicable medicine, and it’s primarily based on the incontrovertible fact that it doesn’t begin a whole ban.

“We give freedom to the affected person and we have no idea that he’s prohibited from smoking,” says Scholz. “When I discuss punishing smoking, many sufferers cease and ask themselves: ‘Well, is that unreasonable?’ André Biernath’s report for BBC News Brasil may be learn right here.

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