FC Porto-Sporting: Frederico Varandas appeals court ruling over TAD – Sporting

Frederico Varandas has appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport for Dragão’s so-called ‘garages’ case, in connection with what happened after FC Porto-Sporting, the League, which took place on February 11. The Lions’ president opposes “the decision of the Disciplinary Council of the Portuguese Football Federation issued on 2022-06-14, within the framework of sanctions n.º 74-2021 / 2022.” The parties interested in the matter are FC Porto SAD, Vítor Baía, Rui Cerqueira and Sérgio Conceição who, remember, were released.


In a ruling announced on the 14th, the CD confirmed the presence of FC Porto coach “in the vicinity of SAD President,” Frederico Varandas, but confirmed that the evidence “did not allow” clear and conclusive evidence. “

In this case it is an insult to the leader of the well-tried Leonine leader who took his cell phone and wallet, and the same documents, things that Varandas did not recover from. FC Porto, via the FCPortoMedia Twitter account, later shared a photo of the mobile phone, with the caption: “Pinto da Costa, 40 years to take the net in Lisbon”.

FC Porto SAD was ordered to pay a fine of 16,300 euros for the aforementioned TV broadcasts. The CD saw it as “a vicious, arrogant, law-abiding behavior that violates the ethical standards expected and least important in any sport competing in professional competition.”

Rui Cerqueira, FC Porto’s communications director, was suspended for 115 days and fined 3,825 euros for “hitting Frederico Varandas’ right hand with his one hand”, while “holding his phone to make a film, which caused the mobile phone to crash. immediately. “

Vítor Baía, vice president of Dragons and superintendent of Porto SAD, was suspended for 25 days and fined 3,440 euros for insulting the Varandas, which Baía himself admitted, which helped reduce it.

Leão and Miguel Braga also complain

In addition to Frederico Varandas, at the garage in Dragão, Sporting SAD and the lion’s chief liaison officer, Miguel Braga, appealed to TAD following the sanctions imposed on February 11.

This is another case, in which Varandas was ordered to pay a fine of 2,040 euros for his speech in the Dragon’s press room, heading to Pinto da Costa with João Pinheiro. The president of Sporting has not complained to TAD of this sentence, which is in line with “the decision of the Disciplinary Council of the Portuguese Football Federation issued on 2022-06-14, within the penalty schedule No. 74-2021 / 2022.”

Apilo, in this case, is aiming for a fine of 10,200 euros and a 60-day suspension of Miguel Braga for the Sporting TV program ‘Raio-X’, as well as a fine of 20,910 euros for SAD. green and white for “harm to honor and reputation”, for the use of “intentionally harmful, insulting or rude words”.


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