FOOTBALL – Benfica – FC Porto: follow the derby here (Roller Hockey)

All arrested at the end of the first 25 minutes. In a game that was more powerful than impressive, there was a lesser sign from FC Porto in the first half, confirmed by Gonçalo Alves’ goal. Benfica finished, with a draw, and came to the fore through Carlos Nicolía. Number 5 of eagles, from a direct free-kick (following the ten evil acts of the snakes) left Pavilhão da Luz red-hot.

However, a few seconds later, Nuno Resende’s team encountered another serious problem: Carlos Nicolía was released. After a prank by Reinaldo García – a move the two Argentines were allowed with a blue card -, Carlos Nicolía, already on the replacement bench, saw Miguel Guilherme, one of the game’s opponents, immediately approach him and show him a red card. With nothing to make him predict, which leaves an impression in the atmosphere that Nicolía exaggerated in a statement to the panel of judges …

And, without a doubt, another (big) Benfica loss – which, remember, was replaced by Lucas Ordóñez, due to injury, and now it looks like Nuno Resende will face the second half of the game which, it should be noted, the Reds should win to take the election of the head of state at black.

End of first phase! Benfica 1 FC Porto 1.

25 minutes: A powerful shot by Gonçalo Alves, in the middle of the road, a great save for Pedro Henriques.

24 minutes: Thirteen injuries to FC Porto.

24 minutes: Twelve offense FC Porto committed.

23 minutes: Carlos Nicolía’s red card. The Argentine international of Benfica had already left, following the blue card that had been seen before, and was eventually instructed by the red card. The only justification relates to the words Nicolía spoke to the two judges.

23 minutes: Carlos Nicolía Reinaldo García participates in the prank and receives a blue card.

23 minutes: Eleven evil deeds FC Porto did.

23 minutes: Benfica goals! Carlos Nicolía, on a direct free-kick strikeout, shoots straight 1-1.

23 minutes: Professional break interviewed by Nuno Resende, Benfica coach.

23 minutes: Ten bad things FC Porto did. Benfica have benefited from a direct strike.

23 minutes: Rafa, in a stern attack, shoots another defensive shot past Pedro Henriques.

20 minutes: Another attempt by Reinaldo García, now to the right, another suspension of Pedro Henriques.

19 minutes: Long shot by Reinaldo García for a fine save by Pedro Henriques.

18 minutes: Diogo Rafael crosses the Gonçalo Pinto detour, formerly in the area, for a spectacular walk with Xavi Malián.

17 minutes: Professional break interviewed by Ricardo Ares, FC Porto coach.

17 minutes: Ninth injury by FC Porto.

17 minutes: Eighth offense by Benfica.

16 minutes: Eighth offense by FC Porto.

16 minutes: Seventh offense by Benfica.

16 minutes: Seventh offense by FC Porto.

15 minutes: Pol Manrubia’s forward shot, defensively defending Xavi Malián.

15 minutes: Sixth offense by Benfica.

14 minutes: Rafa’s personal game, which moved from left to center, but, in the area, saw his shot blocked by Pedro Henriques.

13 minutes: Fifth offense by Benfica.

11 minutes: Professional break interviewed by Ricardo Ares, FC Porto coach.

11 minutes: Fourth offense by Benfica.

11 minutes: Sixth offense by FC Porto.

10 minutes: Goals for FC Porto! The height of Ezequiel Mena and Gonçalo Alves, in front of Pedro Henriques, opens the store in Luz. 0-1.

9 minutes: Professional break interviewed by Nuno Resende, Benfica coach.

9 minutes: Third offense by Benfica.

9 minutes: Excellent pass from Pablo Álvarez to Pol Manrubia, who shoots to save Xavi Malián.

8 minutes: Second offense by Benfica.

8 minutes: Fifth offense by FC Porto.

7 minutes: Cross-country with Gonçalo Pinto to interact with Xavi Malián.

6 minutes: Reinaldo García, running after Diogo Rafael, shoots to save Pedro Henriques.

5 minutes: Fourth offense by FC Porto.

5 minutes: Third offense by FC Porto.

5 minutes: Second offense by FC Porto.

4 minutes: The first evil committed by FC Porto.

4 minutes: Gonçalo Alves tries to pursue a red goal, but Pedro Henriques responds.

3 minutes: Edu Lamas was shot to save the best shot by Xavi Malián. The Spaniard’s Benfica shot still hit the white and blue target.

2 minutes: The first offense by Benfica.

Lucas Ordóñez did not cure a knee injury, in which he played 2 games, and, as a result, remains outside Nuno Resende’s selection.

Game start!

FC Porto (first snow): Xavi Malián, Carlo Di Benedetto, Xavi Barroso, Reinaldo Garcia Ç and Goncalo Alves

Instructor: Ricardo Ares

Benfica (from five): Pedro Henriques ÇDiogo Rafael, Carlos Nicolía, Edu Lamas and Gonçalo Pinto

Instructor: Nuno Resende

Singers: Miguel Guilherme (AP Lisbon) and Joaquim Pinto (AP Porto)

The teams already exist!

The Reds are very skeptical of their team: Lucas Ordóñez, who has already missed 3 games due to injury, at the last minute of the game can decide whether to support the team or not.

This evening will provide, then, one of two guarantees: either FC Porto is a national champion, or, on the other hand, Benfica will take the best game with 5 game power. If the latter is true, then the black will be next Wednesday. (8pm), Dragão Arena, Porto.

Home has been a staple in the finals, as the home club has been a success. FC Porto opened the scoring on 16, with a win, at Dragão Arena, 5-0, to which Benfica responded, three days later, to Luz, with a 3-0 win. The third match, which took place in Invicta, last Wednesday, smiled the blues and whites, who won 9-6.

Benfica and FC Porto meet again this Saturday afternoon (3pm), in Pavilhão da Luz, for what will be their 4th play-off final game of the national roller hockey Championship. As a victory, the snakes celebrate the victory of the title. If the eagles win, then the tie will be decided only in the race black. The old ones will be broadcast live on A BOLA TV and will be second only to A BOLA online. Come on, dear readers. This is a sure place for our five startups …

Good evening!


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