FOOTBALL – Roller Hockey: Benfica-FC Porto LIVE (3:00 pm) (A BOLA TV)

This Saturday, June 25th, you can see it on your page TV FOOTBALL (Meo channel 13, 31 for Vodafone and 64 for NOWO) …

TV FOOTBALL releases this Saturday’s Benfica-FC Porto, the fourth game in the final game of the National Roller Hockey. Meanwhile, the Dragons have a chance (2-1) and if they win in Luz, they will win the title of world champions. In the third game, FC Porto won 9-6 in Dragão and secured the second most important victory. Benfica and FC Porto are now meeting again in Luz for a four-match winning streak, with greater competition expected. In the case of victory, the blues and whites are experts … if Benfica wins … the decision will be suspended at 29 for the Dragons.

Fernando Guerra, Litos and Pedro Henriques at SABBATH BALL (10pm)

One more SABBATH BALL, from 22:00, to change the details of the daily game, and to emphasize the reopening of the Benfica conference with the exciting world of Transfer Market. By comment by journalist Jorge Pessoa e Silva, SABBATH BALL read and reviewed by Fernando Guerra, journalist, Litos, teacher and commentator TV FOOTBALLand Pedro Henriques, an argumentative expert.

Fernando Guerra at BOLA DAS SETE (7pm)

BALL ON 7information space for FOOTBALL TV airing from 19:00, marks the first working day of the Benfica conference, for shipping market news, including national and international news. By sermon by journalist João Manuel Farinha, BALL ON 7 reads and comments from journalist Fernando Guerra. Kale LIGHTBALL (4:50 pm) also provided by João Manuel Farinha.

Men’s Beach Volleyball Final LIVE (17:30)

TV FOOTBALL transmit, mu DIRECTmen’s final at the National Championship of Beach Volleyball Clubs 4 × 4, a competition held in Cortegaça and aimed at clubs in the group.

ESKOOTR to watch the time of 12:25

ESC is a new competition for a new game: eSkootr. The 30 riders will compete with a special type of electric scooter, ready for the race. In this section, we will learn more about these new games and meet some of the riders.


Costinha, 47, is the guest of honor. The minister returned to Chelas where he grew up. He started playing at Clube Oriental de Lisboa, was in Monaco, Russia, Spain and Italy. He won all that was available to win at FC Porto. As a teacher, she is waiting for a bigger and more ambitious project to emerge, which will allow her to succeed.

PLAY AT HOME and a journey to his homeland for each of his opponents. But, as a person who does not own a ball alone, we will taste the best gastronomy, the best wine and show the best places for star origins.

MÓNICA SOFIA runs in LET IT DOWN (18:30)

WE SHOULD USE IT this week shows Mónica Sofia’s interest in the world of motorcycle racing and can be seen from 18:30, this Saturday, in her. TV FOOTBALL. Author and Domingos Janeiro, the WE SHOULD USE IT and a well-known discussion program / quiz from the world of sports, television and entertainment. The theme «continues» around the experience of tourists among motorcycles. Great opportunity for viewers FOOTBALL TV know an example of a motorcycle MONICA SOFIA.

Tragedy in Hillsborough on ESPN MOMENT (8:15 pm)

Hillsborough will always be characterized by the worst football disaster, which occurred in April 1989, when 96 fans were crushed to death and 766 injured at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield (England) during a match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. Prior to the disaster, British football was characterized by filthy stadiums, ‘terrorists” and inadequate facilities and major changes took place after the disaster. And what was born on top of the ashes is now known as the richest and most powerful league in the world, the English Premier League. These articles show you testimonies from survivors and the long legal battle that led to the truth and justice for many families who, after many years, managed to survive.

POKER Night (00:15)

High quality, exotic locations and a large ‘gold pot’ make the World Poker Tour an intriguing radio video game. Anyone who pays for a ‘purchase’ can enter, waiting, however, to find strong opponents with more difficulty to secure a place at the final table.


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