From meteor shower to planetary conjunction: learn how to see 6 celestial events in August – Ceará

Celestial journey can curiosity the individuals of Ceará who’re in the astronomical calendar of August 2022, when the events of the meteor shower and the conjunction of the planets and the Moon are predicted. There are six eye-monitoring events, however climate and terrain can get in the way in which.

The analysis of the potential for observing events in Fortaleza was carried out by the Laboratory of Teaching and Research in Astronomy (Lepa) of the State University of Ceará (Uece) on the request Diary of the Northeast.

The moon ought to have a shower of meteors, which is named capturing stars, are planetary conjunctions – the title given when two or extra celestial our bodies seem to be in shut proximity to observers from Earth. Other events are predicted.

Check out the astrological calendar for August 2022:

Moon Conjunction with Saturn: August twelfth

The Moon and Saturn will likely be conjunct this month and because of this even when they’re distant, apparently, 2 ought to be very shut to those that see it from Earth.

In Fortaleza, will probably be seen on August 12 from 6 pm and the best level will likely be 11 pm. The union descends in the west round 5 am on the thirteenth. This phenomenon could be seen with out the usage of trendy tools.

Perseid meteor shower: August 12

Although lively since July, the Perseid meteor shower may have one of the best viewing time from 11pm on August twelfth till daybreak on the thirteenth of the month. The occasion ought to finish on the twenty fourth, however will probably be tough to see.

The capturing stars, as they’re identified, are fragments of Comet 109P/Swift-tutlte, in the context of the meteor shower. The streaks are created when comet particles enters house at excessive speeds and breaks up due to friction with the ambiance.

The Perseid meteor shower happens close to the horizon in the North-Northeast course and could be seen with the bare eye.

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Saturn at Opposition: August 14th

Saturn, identified by its rings, will seem larger and brighter as a result of it’s nearer to the Earth and reverse to the Sun, potential to see in Ceará on August 14th.

But why is the phenomenon referred to as Saturn contradiction? This is a bunch of two heavenly our bodies. In this manner, it signifies that the Sun and the planets are reverse one another in the sky when seen from Earth.


The sixth planet in the Sun will transfer throughout the sky from east to west till daybreak.

Therefore, that is thought of one of the best time to see the world. In this case, anybody who’s in Fortaleza, ought to look to the east and shortly they may see the presence of Saturn all through the evening.

Moon Conjunction with Mars: August nineteenth

Another conjunction of the planets and the Moon will happen on August 19, beginning at 11:35 pm, and this time will probably be with Mars. The two will likely be closest in our view to the constellation Taurus (East-Northeast).

Seen from Ceará, the pink planet – as Mars is thought for its abundance of iron oxide – is outwardly shut to the Moon till daybreak on August 20.



Mercury at its highest level: August twenty fifth

Planet Mercury will attain its highest level in the sky on the night of August twenty fifth at 7pm. Therefore, anybody who needs to test the place the world is can set it on their cellphone’s alarm so they do not miss it.

This phenomenon happens close to the horizon, in the West, from sundown to round 19:00.


Title: The place in the sky of Mercury at its highest level

Image: Reproduction of Lepa/Stellarium

Mercury on the nice jap horizon: August 27

In August, Mercury will attain its biggest altitude, which is the seen separation between the planet and the Sun, on the twenty seventh of the month. This could be seen close to the horizon, in the west, after sundown.

But seeing this is not going to be a straightforward job in Fortaleza, as a result of Mercury will likely be in the brightest part.

How are you able to see celestial events?

The actions of the sky could be seen clearly from distant eye harm and, subsequently, municipalities which can be removed from cities, equivalent to Fortaleza, have a constructive angle. Another level is that this place, which is much from the coast, is normally not cloudy and the sky is “clear” to see.

Horoscope for August 2022 it may be seen with out utilizing any instrumentshowever binoculars, for instance, generally is a great way to visualize, as professor Icaro Moura, of the Physics Department in Uece stated.

It can be necessary to stick to days to see peak events, such because the story of the meteor shower. “Most of the time you’ll be able to see it when it’s approaching, and on the thirteenth will probably be at its peak, when you’ll see many stars, however the rain occurs after every week”, he says.

Astronomical events of the month had been analyzed, together with Professor Icaro Moura, and members of Lepa Daiane dos Santos, Salmo de Freitas, Tammyres Magalhães and Thácyla Souza.


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