How can metaverse help the agribusiness business? – Author Tonico Novaes – Hour Campinas

QWhen we talk about metaverse, we always remember that it is a new kind of reality that is already known to everyone. However, this technology goes beyond what we have already heard. It is a shared platform, online, that also creates a visually appealing digital environment. It is important to note that metaverse is not just about chatting, watching live, or participating in social networking. It is a natural translation of digital, making it possible to copy real-world events into digital environments.

The new technology is still being tested, but the agro segment is starting to use metaverse for marketing, agricultural and crop testing.

Play platforms were the first type of events in our daily lives. Subsequently, other social sectors such as education and marketing are promoting sports advertising, enhancing professionalism. Now the agro segment is starting to use this solution to help oversee remote areas that need to be monitored, bringing rural producers to learn about the materials and technologies used in other areas, including opening up new markets. and technical qualifications.

For example, Basf Brasil, an agricultural enterprise, created a real world to reflect its responses to agriculture, sports and communications. At the Show Rural Digital events, examples of sprayers were provided, where, through real-world experience, it was possible to mimic the use of the machine. With this system, the farmer has the opportunity to travel as if he were in person, such as riding a digital tractor, selecting digital coffee beans, or smelling the aroma and aroma of fruits and vegetables.

It is very important to note that this digital revolution, which we can say is a “new phenomenon” in the age of the internet, is already happening and should grow significantly as 5G reaches all parts of the world.

This is because 5G will also change the concept of connectivity in all social groups. In agriculture, it will not be different. While there is uncertainty as to which programs will be published, the rural producer is the one who will benefit the most. This new technology will provide security in your purchasing of goods and services, with detailed ideas and how to support farmers’ skills.

In the second edition of Campus Party Goiás, we took advantage of the government’s demonstration on global agriculture to showcase the findings of our Campus Verso platform and discuss how technologies interact with challenges, such as the internet of things. (IoT), which developed as well as blockchain can also benefit companies.

While there are many challenges that the plague has brought to the fore, the change has shortened the distance and connected people from all corners of the globe.

The growth of relationships, especially in small businesses, has broken the boundaries and has the potential to grow the business. Now, with more freedom to resume life as it once was, we can spread the word more widely, both physically and digital.

Tonico Novaes is the CEO of Campus Party Brazil

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