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A month is devoted to informing people about oral and throat cancer

Specialists and students working at Professor Polydoro Ernani de São Thiago University Hospital (HU-UFSC / Ebserh) are preparing for a series of events in the coming weeks, as part of the Green July program, a month dedicated to awareness prevention. and oral cancer. On July 15, from 8:30 am, the announcement will be made to patients, friends and staff of HU. On the 27th, which is D-day Campaign, the IX Conference on Oral Awareness will be held (see more on this event here).

Alessandra Rodrigues de Camargo, a professor in the Department of Dentistry at UFSC and currently overseeing the Hospital Dentistry Nucleus at HU, Alessandra Rodrigues de Camargo; professor of the Department of Pathology at UFSC and co-ordinator of the Outpatient Stomatology Outpatient Project, Liliane Janete Grando; and dentist from Hospital Dentistry Nucleus Mariah Luz Lisboa explained that in a month she will announce new practices and events related to the topic, using group techniques.

According to them, this type of campaign is important, considering that oral cancer is the fifth most common type of malignant lesion among Brazilian men, while the National Cancer Institute (Inca) estimates 15,190 new cases between 2020 and 2020. 2022.

“Most cases of oral cancer are still advanced in years, which reduces the risk of recovery and mortality. Therefore, it is important that one month be devoted to this topic in order to promote prevention of oral cancer, as well as disseminate information on early diagnosis and evaluation of various medical services in the management of the disease and its effects, “experts said.

According to Alessandra Rodrigues, HU participates in care through the Regulation System (Sisreg), which sends patients to the hospital, who provide high quality online medical care. The Dentist Hospital welcomes patients with tumors on the lips and mouth. In the hospital, biopsy procedures are performed to diagnose the disease, oncological surgery as part of the treatment and treatment of patients with oral and throat cancer, such as removal of oral septic foci, laser therapy on radiotherapy and oral therapy. In addition, after cancer treatment, some patients may develop sequelae, such as dysphagia and osteoradionecrosis, which are also treated in HU.

Mariah Lisboa explains that oral cancer often starts as a malignant tumor or tumor that does not heal or grow and develops in size. “At first it doesn’t hurt, but as the sores grow, they can cause pain, difficulty moving the oral cavity and making it look like a lump. Throat, one of the most common symptoms is a change in tone of voice, difficulty swallowing solid food and irritation of the throat “, he explains.

Professor Liliane Grando added that the greatest risk is smoking, especially if it is related to alcohol. “The HPV virus may also be linked to the development of throat cancer and other types of oral cancer. Smoking of all kinds increases the risk of cancer of the mouth and throat, such as traditional cigarettes, straw, tubes and electronic cigarettes (vaporizers) “, warns.

Photo: Service at Dentistry Center Hospital in HU-UFSC / Ebserh (Sinval Paulino)

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