Longo Covid causes erectile dysfunction and hair loss as the list of symptoms grows

Hair loss and erectile dysfunction have joined the lengthy list of Covid symptoms, in keeping with a brand new examine.

The examine discovered that whereas the most typical symptoms embrace loss of odor, shortness of breath and chest ache, others embrace amnesia, erectile dysfunction, hallucinations, incapability to carry out regular actions or instructions, bowel actions and leg swelling.

Symptoms of this illness are usually divided into teams of respiratory, normal well being, and cognitive issues, and then extra symptoms.

In addition to figuring out extra symptoms, the researchers additionally recognized teams and behaviors that put folks at larger danger of contracting Covid.

As we reported final month, 2 million folks in the UK are stated to be affected by Covid, in keeping with the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

About 3.1% of the British inhabitants have symptoms that final greater than 4 weeks after contracting the Covid virus. About 376,000 individuals who caught Covid at the starting of the epidemic reported the state of affairs which lasted for 2 years.

The examine reveals that girls, younger folks and folks of black, blended race or different ethnicities are at the highest danger of contracting Covid-19.

In addition, folks from poor areas, people who smoke and individuals who had been very wealthy or very wealthy, as nicely as these with numerous illnesses, usually tend to report persistent symptoms.

The fundamental creator Dr. Shamil Haroon is an affiliate professor of public well being at the University of Birmingham.

He stated: “This analysis confirms what sufferers have been telling medical doctors and coverage makers throughout the pandemic – that long-term Covid symptoms are very widespread and can’t be defined nicely by different components, such as life-threatening circumstances.

Hair loss and erectile dysfunction have been added to the rising list of long run Covid symptoms


“The symptoms we have recognized ought to assist clinicians and policymakers enhance the evaluation of sufferers with long-term results of Covid-19 and see how symptom burden will be higher managed.”

People who examined optimistic for the virus confirmed 62 instances extra symptoms 12 weeks after publicity than those that didn’t, the examine discovered.

The NHS list of frequent Covid symptoms consists of fatigue, shortness of breath, chest ache or tightness, and “mind fog”.

Researchers from the University of Birmingham analyzed the well being historical past of 2.4 million folks in the UK along with a gaggle of medical doctors and researchers in England.

The information obtained between January 2020 and April 2021 included the data of 486,149 individuals who had beforehand been contaminated and 1.9 million individuals who didn’t have a prognosis of the coronavirus in comparison with different illnesses.

Using information from sufferers who weren’t admitted to the hospital, the analysis workforce was capable of determine three distinct teams of symptoms.

Anuradhaa Subramanian, a researcher at the Institute for Applied Health Research at the University of Birmingham and the lead creator of the paper, stated: “Our evaluation of danger components could be very attention-grabbing as a result of it helps us to consider components which will trigger or contribute to Covid.”

He added: “For instance, ladies usually tend to endure from autoimmune illnesses. Observing the elevated probability of ladies having long-term Covid in our examine brings our curiosity to research whether or not autoimmunity or different components can clarify the danger of ladies.

“These observations will assist to extend curiosity in what causes persistent post-infection symptoms and how we may help sufferers who’re experiencing them.”

The findings are printed in the Natural Medicine.

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