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Because of the virus referred to as Monkeypox, Monkeypox is taken into account a zoonosis – an infectious illness transmitted between animals and people. Seeing the unfold of the illness in Brazil, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) of Maceió warns individuals to maintain the virus.

According to the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (CIEVS) in Maceió, till July 30, 2022, two suspected instances of Monkeypox have been confirmed within the capital of Alagoas. According to CIEVS, sufferers didn’t have to be hospitalized. However, they’re nonetheless below investigation and self-isolation at house, awaiting laboratory affirmation and analysis by the CIEVS and Municipal Epidemiological Surveillance groups.

Explaining the doubts concerning the illness (unfold, signs, remedy and prevention), the physician of infectious ailments at PAM Salgadinho, Renee Oliveira, chatting with Ascom SMS, explains to the general public. Check out the highlights of the interview.

Infectologist at PAM Salgadinho, Renee Oliveira. Image: Ascom SMS

Ascom SMS – What is Monkeypox?

Renee Oliveira – Monkeypox is a illness attributable to the “Monkeypox” virus, belonging to the identical household because the virus that causes smallpox – a illness that was eradicated within the Nineteen Eighties. It is a illness that may infect people and animals. , and zoonoses.

Ascom SMS – How is transmission executed?

Renee Oliveira – Initially, the unfold in Africa was by way of human wounds or the secretions of contaminated animals. At current, transmission happens in a different way, primarily by way of individual and direct contact with respiratory secretions, pores and skin lesions in individuals who have been in touch or ailments. Pregnant ladies may transmit the illness to the infant by way of the nasal cavity.

Ascom SMS – What are the signs?

Renee Oliveira – The incubation interval of the virus is about 7 to 21 days. After this era, the affected person has fever, myalgia, fatigue, headache, fatigue, ache within the again and lymph nodes (attribute of monkeypox that can distinguish it from different ailments, reminiscent of rooster). After two or three days of fever, blisters (blisters) start to look on the pores and skin.

Ascom SMS – Can anybody be affected by this illness or is there a “historical past of transmission”?

Renee Oliveira – Anyone can get this illness, simply by being in touch with individuals who have it.

Ascom SMS – Where and when to get healthcare?

Renee Oliveira – The first line of entry for somebody with monkeypox is Basic Health Units, as a result of, normally, they’re delicate. When signs seem, the affected person should go to the hospital and isolate themselves, as a result of transmission happens primarily by way of bodily contact and inhalation.

Ascom SMS – How is that this illness handled?

Renee Oliveira – The remedy of monkeypox relies on controlling the signs that the affected person is exhibiting. In case of damage, the affected person might really feel ache. Therefore, it’s essential to deal with these wounds to stop secondary infections. Specific teams such because the aged, kids and immunocompromised individuals can point out indicators of worsening of the illness, and the opportunity of loss of life, so totally different remedy is important for these individuals.

Ascom SMS – What are the preventive measures towards Monkeypox?

Renee Oliveira – In order to stop the illness, it is very important put on a masks as a result of the transmission additionally happens by way of the respiratory droplets. It can also be essential to keep away from closed areas, to keep away from sexual contact, kissing and hugging with individuals who have pores and skin lesions, even contact sores. Wash your fingers completely every single day and after touching issues.


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