Metaverse: Why People and Businesses Are Spending Millions To Buy Real Estates

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In recent months, significant investments have been made in areas within the metaverse.

The idea of ​​spending thousands or millions of dollars to buy the “earth” of fiction in the world sounds like, frankly, ridiculous.

But in recent months, we have seen a significant increase in the number of sites within the metaverse. The PwC application company is one of the most recent companies, having bought a property in The Sandbox, the game world, at an undisclosed price.

If the other products mentioned are descriptive, they should be more expensive. Recently, someone bought a site on Snoopverse – the real world rapper Snoop Dogg is making inside Sandbox – for $ 450,000.

Meanwhile, the Metaverse Group, a real estate finance company, is said to have bought property in Decentraland, another nearby tower, for $ 2.43 million.

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