Mind Over Murder appears today on HBO Max

Mind Over Murder appears today on HBO Max

Six-part documentary, Mind Over Murderdirected by Nanfu Wang (“In the Same Breath” by HBO) and produced by Vox Media Studios, kicks off today, June 21, on HBO MAX.

Mind Over Murder is a complex and tragic story of the six people convicted of the murder of 68-year-old beloved grandmother, Helen Wilson, in Beatrice, Nebraska in 1985. Even five of the people who pleaded guilty to the crime, “Beatrice Six,” as she is known, was accused of DNA evidence in 2009, a change that divided a rural town and angered the Helen Wilson family. Filmmakers follow the story from murder, through investigation, trial, release and two civil cases, expressing differing views on the truth of the case, in an article that raises important questions about the credibility of confession and recall in criminal cases.

Mind Over Murder looks at cases of “recovered memories”, which can lead to false confessions, and examines illegal police practices. The articles also highlight the views of the defendants, many of whom are affected by the views and opinions, as well as warnings of investigative errors and legal failures that have convinced judges of guilt and satisfied the small town for the case to be filed. .has determined and punished accordingly.

More than 35 years later, the town of Beatrice continues to experience the scourge of violent crime and the economic hardships that this research has undergone. “Beatrice Six”, who both spent 70 years in prison, received $ 28 million in compensation, forcing a new generation to pay taxes in the city where disputes and opinions remain high. Despite the overwhelming and convincing evidence, many people still believe “Beatrice Six” is guilty, including one of the accused, who says she still remembers many of her actions in the case.

Mind Over Murder

Mind Over Murder is now on HBO Max

To facilitate recovery, the facilitator asks the city theater to present and demonstrate community drama inspired by court-based facts, investigative reports and photographs of police inquiries. Local athletes take on the role of police officer, psychologist, family of the victim and the six. In spite of the rejection of the townspeople and even the personal threats, she imitates a drama that offers a painful but liberating moment of victory for the community and Helen Wilson’s relatives.

Mind Over Murder contains previously unlocked photographs, including police interrogations, and reveals new interviews from: the victim’s relatives of Helen Wilson; members of the “Beatrice Six”; police; old lawyers; special researchers; judges and individuals; former Nebraska attorney general; and residents of Beatrice.

Well-known leader Wang uses a decades-old murder case to reflect on police failure and the sentencing process; the memorable and true story of crime is a way of exploring the nature of truth, the vicissitudes of memory, both truth and healing, and the weight of misconceptions about humanity.

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