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“Anyfit Plus” is a health program
Analyze data from individual health tests
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As the insurance companies are involved in the medical services, the digital medical aid “Anyfit Plus” released by Samsung Fire & Marine is attracting attention. Anyfit Plus is a program that helps people deal with chronic illness on their own and develop good habits in daily life based on the reliable risk assessment results developed by a medical team at Severance Hospital. Anyone over the age of 15 can use it to install this software.

Anyfit Plus has three services: “Health Check”, “Daily Care” and “Chronic Care”. Health measurement, a major project, is Korea’s first diagnostic project based on a machine-based artificial intelligence study developed by Severance Hospital’s Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AI). If a user agrees to use data from the National Health Insurance Corporation or responds directly to questions, health screening data from the last 10 years will be evaluated to determine health and life expectancy, as well as the risk of having a maximum of 16. Korean disease within 10 years. Through this, users can learn about diseases that can develop and develop future health plans.

There is also a day care job that includes exercise and registration activities. Once you have completed three exercise routines, such as walking, and a regular activity to indulge in six healthy habits, such as weight loss, Samsung Fire & Marine Anypoint Mall offers Anypoints that can be used to purchase goods and services once a day. 1 point equals 1 winner and is valid for 3 years. They also provide care for chronic illnesses called “high blood glucose (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes)”. The user will look at his or her heart rate and select 3 of the 8 routines, including exercise, weight and blood pressure, to develop a 12-week life change plan. heart rate after 12 weeks. Samsung Fire & Marine is doing an event to coincide with the launch of Anyfit Plus. Each of the 1,000 points will be presented to clients who complete a health check-up at the event.

Reporter Kim Ja Hyun

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