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Salicylic acid: discover out what it accommodates and what it is used for in cosmetics (Image: Getty Images)

If you have been handled or handled for pimples, likelihood is you have discovered salicylic acid printed on the label of your make-up. In the case of oily pores and skin and pimples, the substances used are the substances within the formulation of the product and are sometimes indicated by dermatologists to act as an agent within the therapy of those signs.

Although it is commonplace within the composition of cosmetics, it is nonetheless fairly a guess in these circumstances due to the anti-inflammatory issue, ready to simply cross via the layers of the dermis and stop the formation of pustules and comedones. “Salicylic acid reduces the variety of micro organism on the pores and skin, which is very fascinating within the therapy of pimples, as a result of it cleans the pores and removes irritation”, suggests Michele Monteiro, a pharmacist on the General Policlínica do Rio de Janeiro and a Brazilian member. Society of Dermatology.

What is salicylic acid and how is it used?

“Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) with anti-pimples properties, as it has anti-inflammatory and pores and skin regenerating properties, stimulating the manufacturing of small quantities of oil that stops the buildup of lifeless cells that may clog pores. The look of pustules and comedones. It additionally works to regulate the manufacturing of sebum, serving to to stop extra facial oil”, summarizes the dermatologist.

How to use salicylic acid?

Since it is an ingredient with few unwanted effects, salicylic acid is simply present in cosmetics offered in pharmacies. It can be utilized in several areas of care and it is really useful that you simply seek the advice of a dermatologist to perceive one of the best ways to embrace it in you.

“This is an asset that is extensively used within the manufacturing of face soaps, washing gels, tonic oil for shiny pores and skin or pimples and within the therapy of many pimples. vitamin C. , which helps to enhance the renewal of the product, for instance”, explains the physician.

Contraindications of salicylic acid

Although it is a secure product, salicylic acid can irritate the pores and skin, particularly with rosacea. Michele advises her sufferers with delicate pores and skin to introduce the substances progressively into their skincare routine, to see if the merchandise trigger any issues. Doctors additionally say that salicylic acid is contraindicated for pregnant ladies.

Below, try just a few salicylic acid merchandise which can be value trying out when incorporating them into your skincare routine!

Cleansing gel, Caudalie (R$ 159)

Cleansing gel, Caudalie (Photo: Reveal)

Cleansing gel, Caudalie (Photo: Reveal)

Stop Spot Anti-Imperfections, Guerlain (R$185)

Stop Spot Anti-Imperfections, Guerlain (Photo: Reveal)

Stop Spot Anti-Imperfections, Guerlain (Photo: Reveal)

Blemish Facial Toner + Age Solution, Skinceuticals (R$80)

Blemish Facial Toner + Age Solution, Skinceuticals (Photo: Reveal)

Blemish Facial Toner + Age Solution, Skinceuticals (Photo: Reveal)

Antiacne Oil, Salve (R$110)

Anti-acne cream, Salve (R$ 110) (Photo: Disclosure)

Antiacne Oil, Salve (Image: Reveal)

Salicylic Acid, Creamy (R$70)

Salicylic Acid, Creamy (Image: Reveal)

Salicylic Acid, Creamy (Image: Reveal)


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