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Inova.São headquarters opened inside Morumbi (Photo: Fabi Saltorelli / Disclosure)

O Sao Paulo football club announced Tuesday (28) the opening of make sense., the club’s open space within Morumbi Stadium. The aim is to create and implement new ways to increase club revenue and competition, in addition to creating unique experiences for fans.

The project estimates will be R $ 6 million over the first three years of operation. These funds can help support the existence of Inova.São, without the need to provide initial funding from the organization.

The site already has other affiliates, including Deboo, a well-known company on Web3, and Sportheca, a game-starting factory.

According to Wladimir Castro, head of SPFC’s Innovation department, the project has been in operation since the club’s president, Julio Casares, formed the São Paulo Innovation Board in July last year.

The idea is for the SPFC to be a catalyst for the professional development of some Brazilian clubs. “We are seeing the introduction of new strategies that will support the team’s game system, increase the interest of fans and make money,” said Eduardo Paraske, co-founder of Deboo.

Instead, what fans can expect is to make the event more unique and informative. For example, recently, according to Sportheca, São Paulo was the first Brazilian team to participate in the OneFan program, which uses artificial intelligence to provide personal interaction, and the potential for reward and redemption for fans.

Inside Morumbi, Inova.São will also serve as a workshop, bringing together founders and builders. The School of Physical Education at USP is the first educational institution to be part of the ecosystem, in conjunction with the human rights organization IDBrasil, which oversees the Museum of Natural History.

Promotion of Inova.São, Morumbi (Photo: Fabi Saltorelli / Disclosure)

Promotion of Inova.São, Morumbi (Photo: Fabi Saltorelli / Disclosure)

Big Data and Metaverse

Inova.São is already working on two works that will be released soon. The first, called the Tricolor Census, will conduct the first census of Brazilian football. Created in conjunction with PH3A, a company that specializes in the production and management of Big Data, the project seeks to gather more information for in-depth 10 million fans.

Using Big Data technology, the information will help the team deliver content according to the preferences of its fans.

The second project is the Terra dos Champions, which will be based at the club’s Cotia training camp, and will include planting trees in honor of the club’s statues.

The aim is to build a growing awareness of fans, who will be able to access prices and digital experiences. Its purpose is to help make money and strengthen the fan base within the metaverse.

The hope is that people will start connecting with Terra dos Champions in early August 2022.

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