The campaign encourages and guides people to fight cancer

Cancer doesn’t have one and solely trigger and may be attributable to exterior components as nicely inside every organism

By Paula Bourguignon

Many people really feel unhappy or scared when they’re confronted with cancer. There are many variations and problems, however the probabilities of a remedy are additionally good, if the illness is detected and handled early.

There are greater than 100 forms of malignant illnesses, that are characterised by irregular progress of cells that may invade neighboring or distant organs.

On Thursday, August 4th, because the Day of Education Against Cancer is widely known, Revista ES Brasil interviewed oncologist Cristiano Drumond to clarify and information readers concerning the myths and truths of this illness.

Is cancer contagious?

Cancer shouldn’t be contagious.

Is cancer curable?

Cancer is curable, and the probabilities of this are higher whether it is caught early. Once an individual is identified with the illness, they’ve an opportunity of restoration.

What is the commonest cancer?

According to the estimates of the National Cancer Institute (Inca), nearly all of circumstances are of the pores and skin (squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma) and after this, amongst males it’s cancer of the prostate / colon / rectum, lung and abdomen. Among ladies, the commonest cancers are breast/abdomen/oven, uterus and lung. It is essential to be aware that the age at which cancer is affected varies from sort to sort, and it’s extra widespread in outdated age.

Can cancer in younger people be totally different from nature?

The tumor, when present in younger sufferers, brings a higher likelihood of genetic inheritance, that’s, from father or mom.

What is the principle objective of the Campaign Against Cancer Day?

The objective of the Education Campaign Against Cancer is to inform people about well being care, prevention strategies and looking for enough therapy for this illness.

What are the components that trigger cancer?

About 10% to 20% of tumors are related to genetic inheritance. Already 80% to 90% of circumstances are linked with environmental components: workplaces, locations of use, social areas. Emphasis must be given to the carcinogens which are already recognized to all of us and which are distributed within the areas talked about above. Some of those threat components are: consuming extremely contaminated meals, publicity to radiation, sunburn, sedentary way of life and weight problems, smoking, alcohol consumption, publicity to air air pollution, publicity to chemical compounds and pure substances (e.g. fertilizers, from petroleum, hepatitis B and C virus, HPV virus and HIV), publicity to mud (from wooden, leather-based and silk) amongst others.

What are the methods to scale back the chance of getting this illness?

Through preventive measures, we will scale back the chance of contracting the illness. And prevention is split into two sorts:

– Early prevention and actions that forestall cancer from rising within the physique, it is strongly recommended to keep away from accidents and stay a wholesome life.

– Secondary prevention which, via early detection and therapy of asymptomatic cancer, can profit the affected person.

What is the remedy for cancer?

Support may be divided into two methods:

Local medication, surgical procedure, radiotherapy, radioablation, amongst others.

Systemic chemotherapy, hormone remedy, chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies and immunotherapy. Let’s not neglect that we frequently use a number of strategies of therapy to discover a remedy, surgical procedure and therapy and take away the tumor and medical therapy is a part of many actions within the physique, to assist fight the illness.

12 suggestions to keep away from getting cancer:

  • Do not smoke;
  • A nutritious diet protects in opposition to cancer;
  • Maintain a wholesome physique weight;
  • Try to train;
  • breastfeeding;
  • Women between the ages of 25 and 40 must be screened for cervical cancer each three years;
  • HPV vaccine for ladies aged 9 to 14. On the opposite hand, boys aged 14 to 11;
  • Hepatitis B vaccine;
  • Avoid consuming alcoholic drinks;
  • Avoid consuming lower meat,
  • Avoid solar publicity from 10am to 4pm;
  • Always put on a hat and sunscreen. Even on the lips;
  • Exposure to carcinogens at work.

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