The Healthy Life Program presents a discussion with an infectious disease expert about the monkeypox virus

The lesions that kind on the affected person’s physique resemble chickenpox – (Photo: Radio ALEMS Disclosure)

After the covid-19 epidemic, the consideration of Brazil and the world turns to a different virus: monkeys, whose unfold has brought on concern since May of this yr and has lately develop into a World Health Emergency. The resolution of the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a new international emergency was introduced on 23 July.

In most instances, an an infection brought on by a virus doesn’t trigger any adverse penalties for the affected person. However, the greatest approach to keep away from that is by consciousness. To clarify the severe doubts about this matter, the program Healthy Life on Radio ALEMS, which works on Friday (5), brings an interview with the infectologist of Unimed Campo Grande, Maurício Pompilio.

According to the expert, the disease that was beforehand often called monkey disease shouldn’t be associated to monkeys. “It received its title as a result of the virus was solely present in primates that have been transferred from Africa to different areas, however in the Seventies the virus was solely present in people”, he explains.

Maurício Pompilio experiences that this time the virus has grown considerably, as a result of the first instances have been recorded in Europe, and presently greater than 80 international locations have already registered monkey instances this yr alone. “We must know particularly the sorts of transmission that begin from pores and skin contact, hugging, shaking palms with an contaminated particular person. Another means for the disease to unfold is thru the lungs, by saliva and bodily fluids, in addition to oblique contact, after we contact locations those that have the virus or issues which can be contaminated,” he stated.

In addition to realizing the sorts of contamination, to guard your self and the individuals round you, it’s also vital to know the way to acknowledge the signs of monkeypox. An infectious disease specialist at Unimed Campo Grande explains the signs of the disease, which begin in the identical means as the virus: fever, weak spot and malaise, headache and physique aches, however pores and skin lesions can be famous.

“At first, they appear to be mosquito bites, then they develop into vesicles just like these of chickens, with clear fluid.” The sores develop collectively, at the identical time and comply with the identical sample, then they appear to be a blister, which bursts one after the different and creates small sores and scabs. It’s when the crust falls off that you just will not contaminate anybody else, and the disease can be gone,” says Mauricio Pompilio.

Also, in keeping with the infectious disease physician, when diagnosing the disease, the particular person can not lose hope, as a result of it’s typically cured. If you discover any signs, it is very important see the nearest well being care supplier for recommendation and comply with the steps to verify in case you have the virus. “The check is straightforward. It is collected with a cotton swab, like the swab we do on the throat or the nostril like covid, it solely occurs on the pores and skin”.

On the way to keep away from transmission, the expert offers recommendation to the individuals of Mato Grosso do Sul, together with discussing points associated to the virus to resolve the downside, as a result of many individuals imagine that the disease is unfold solely by intercourse, very a lot. that this isn’t true, since there are instances of contaminated kids. “Keeping a distance, at all times washing palms and sporting a protecting masks are methods to forestall transmission”, he emphasizes.

To study extra about monkeys, click on right here and hearken to the full interview with Unimed Campo Grande infectious disease specialist, Maurício Pompilio.


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