The link between metaverse and corporate integration

The link between metaverse and corporate integration

June 21, 2022

Juliana Garcia

As with other times of global technological change, life seems to be mimicking art or, in the case of metaverse, the market sought to inspire in the creation of science fiction to unravel new ideas.

The idea was first published in the book Snow, American author Neal Stephenson, without a doubt, the metaverse has been a major topic of debate when it comes to digital fluctuating digital and direct, in a straightforward way, in building deeper depths from emerging technologies as realities. and creative ingenuity.

According to Statista’s survey, in 2021, the metaverse moved $ 38.8 billion worldwide, with revenue expected to reach $ 47 billion this year and growing significantly by 2030, reaching a peak of US $ 678.8 billion worldwide.

And the effects of professional conversions on football extend to different areas and market segments – from education to fashion; from marketing to the communication section. Considering the last chapter, it is interesting to see how the metaverse reveals new potential in the field of corporate and corporate communication. businesschanging all organizational systems.

In a recent review by Ernst & Young on the potential business transformation offered by the metaverse, in fact, the company is highlighting the financial need for infrastructure that focuses on integration and integration as the first component for the company to achieve. establish virtualization (and all its advantages) as real in its internal context.

In the case of events in the organization communication and dialogue between companies and consumers and concernedConsidering the adherence to a variety of studies, it is possible to explore at least 3 major variables that can transform professional practice, from the business and the relationship between the business and the customer.

Deep and confusing experiences with branding

An important point when considering the relationship that exists between communication, business and metaverse includes, precisely, the ability to create new phenomena within events that break the boundaries between physical and digital.

In this sense, from the many fluids among the staff, through the construction of events using descriptive scripts and avatars, the use of NFTs and real-time in signal triggers; the expectation is that metaverse tends to engage in organizations and also build new consumer relationships as the client is moved to another level.

Break the internal barriers business digital is a new creation of social networking sites

Following the same concept, metaverse creates opportunities for business which includes not just audio, video, text and real-time extras, but how consumers are well-known for story and descriptions in a flexible environment that integrates brands with consumers.

In addition, with the cost of purchasing networks such as Facebook (Meta) in the metaverse, all social power can change depending on marketing, creative and, as well as, the way companies and customers behave.

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Integration of mixed work areas and connections phygital

Metaverse can still be a missing step in integrating mixed workplaces, hence, corporate connections that should be seen as real. phygital, how material (and face-to-face) and reality are combined. Such an approach requires companies to use tools, solutions and integration to create faster connections between working groups – which no longer depend on office walls to work together.

Finally, at a time when metaverse is still the first stage of maturity in the Brazilian market, it is important that organizations learn deeply and do not miss out on this kind of movement. As we have seen during the epidemic, companies with high-tech digital transformation projects were bold to tackle the financial crisis. And, like any other technology that can change the whole economy, those who know how to anticipate and use the metaverse potential within the elements that make their business successful.

Juliana Garcia is the CEO of IDEIACOMM. Communicologist, journalist for teaching and loving only media work. He has been working for over 15 years as Public relationsand in the meantime, 10 years ahead of IDEIACOMM, a content agency, social networking site and office of professional companies, basicsTaxes are a legal place.

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