“This is not defending biking, this is giving the ax to the runners who are following”

João Benta criticizes companies for placing all searches “in a single class”

João Benta criticized the Volta a Portugal and the Portuguese Cycling Federation (FPC) for “wanting to put all the analysis targets in the identical group”, after it was confirmed that it had come out in the 83rd version.

“Yesterday.” [quarta-feira], I used to be additionally the goal of a home search. I do not know motivation and fewer to perceive the time. There is little question that after the search was accomplished – through which I totally agreed, and deserved the identical correction from the PJ reviewers – I used to be not made a critic. Nothing was present in my home that may very well be affected by something or any tools utilized in the manufacturing of medication”, mentioned the bicycle owner of Efapel, in a press release printed on social media.

After the investigations, João Benta understood “the factor as a part of the latest information that affected the recreation”.

“In reality, he instructed me throughout the investigation that if one thing is discovered, he’ll instantly cost me and hand it over to the choose, in any other case the matter might be resolved with a due diligence report. This report, after I learn it, I signed naturally.” , he continued.

Expressing that he is “unhappy, lonely and offended, however above all with a transparent conscience”, the athlete mentioned that it is “superb” that he acknowledged “the indicators of the group and the FPC that got to the teams, which, roughly , goals to put all the professionals who are investigated in the group the identical, whether or not he is accused or not”.

“I do not acknowledge justice in such methods. This is not defending the recreation, it is giving the ax to athletes, groups and sponsors,” he mentioned.

The 35-year-old athlete from Esposende feels that “the doubt that somebody determined to throw” on his identify places “due to this fact a full-time job and creates, furthermore, shadows” on what might be your future.

“I’ve a transparent conscience and I imagine that I did the whole lot to meet the expectations of the individuals who believed in me and believed in me, however I additionally really feel that I’m unjust, as a result of a transparent conscience does not make me neglect how I do issues. he labored throughout this time to attain the degree wanted for the competitors of the queen of the climate and noticed the entire mission fall”, he urged.

For João Benta, “this opens up the historical past, which makes us imagine that in the future it will likely be sufficient to query the athletes to be faraway from the competitors, thus establishing truthful play in the competitors”.

“Finally, I need to thank my crew [a Efapel] for all the assist that has been given to this point, understanding the tough resolution that he took with me so as to defend the sports activities mission and all these who stood by our aspect”, he concluded.

On Tuesday, the PJ searched “areas linked to biking teams” as a part of the Prova Limpa operation.

The search befell two days earlier than the begin of the 83rd tour of Portugal by bike, which might be on the highway between Thursday and August fifteenth.

Among the cyclists whose properties have been delayed are Francisco Campos, who was faraway from the Efapel crew, and Daniel Freitas, excluded from the Volta a Portugal by Rádio Popular-Paredes-Boavista.


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