What can I do to get rid of dark pores and skin?

Dermatologist Fernanda Ota explains how to select the most effective whitening resolution

Although it’s common, darkening of sure components of the physique can significantly injury individuals’s vanity. That’s why many individuals can use harmful methods to whiten the pores and skin, which flow into on the Internet with out displaying the hazard to their well being.

In different phrases, the principle drawback with house cures is their ineffectiveness, however their capability to combat the pores and skin barrier, enhance the looks of the beforehand affected space and produce everlasting scars.

How to scale back pores and skin tone

Therefore, earlier than beginning any therapy, it is strongly recommended to seek the advice of a dermatologist to discover out the trigger of hyperpigmentation – which can embody friction with garments, sunburn, stress and even consuming a nasty dietĀ¹š‘¦Ā² .

During the session, the specialist should analyze the looks of the pores and skin, pay attention to the affected person’s complaints and, if mandatory, ask for exams, after which clarify how the spots can be helped.

In most instances, lotions with or with out acids, dietary dietary supplements, laser or pulsed mild applied sciences are used to deal with the issue. However, solely a physician can decide what’s greatest for every state of affairs.

Tips to stop browning

Although there are a lot of therapy choices, it’s at all times vital to deal with prevention. For this motive, the principle tip is to keep away from sunburn, particularly between 11 am and three pm – since daylight can not solely trigger spots, but in addition enhance them.

It can also be good to have habits which might be helpful for general well being, corresponding to consuming a wholesome dietĀ³, consuming lots of waterā“, getting common sleep and decreasing stressāµ by way of bodily exercise and/or recreation, as this retains the pores and skin wholesome, shielded from exterior elements, which regularly causes incapacity.

This is vital as a result of the darkening of the pores and skin barrier just isn’t solely associated to aesthetics however can additionally point out illness. Therefore, it needs to be handled and guarded correctly, particularly by these with a excessive threat of hyperpigmentation, corresponding to individuals with dark or very mild pores and skin.


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